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Questions on Wisdom’s Kiss

•  “Truth requires many voices, for it is a relentless foe but a most unobliging mistress.” Why does this epigraph open Wisdom’s Kiss?

•  I think we can agree Wisdom’s Kiss has a rather unusual format. How does this format contribute to the overall story? How would the story differ if it were told from only one point of view? Which point of view would it be?

•  Wisdom’s Kiss is written in eight “voices”: two memoirs, two diaries, two sets of letters, an encyclopedia, and a play. How did the author make each voice distinct and unique?

•  The Imperial Encyclopedia of Lax often reports histories and details at odds with the other voices. Why do you think there’s such a disparity? Which versions do you think are correct?

•  The play Queen of All the Heavens was written by “Anonymous.”Who might “Anonymous” be? Why would this person wish to remain unknown?

•  Wilhelmina is a truly awful person. What are some illustrations of this? What in her upbringing might have made her so?

•  Felis el Gato is also awful, in his own charming way. What do his personality and writing style contribute to Wisdom’s Kiss? How would the book differ without him?

•  For a romance/fantasy, Wisdom’s Kiss contains an awful lot of politics. What is transpiring within the empire of Lax during this story? How do politics affect the private lives of Trudy, Dizzy, and Tips?

•  Wisdom’s Kiss has very little magic — in fact, no magic whatsoever in the first two-thirds of the story. Why do you think this is? What role does magic play when it’s ultimately introduced?

•  Who’s your favorite character in Wisdom’s Kiss? Which character do you most resemble? Which character would you most want to be? (Are your three answers the same or different? Why?)

•  From the beginning of the book, Tips has mixed feelings about Trudy. List some examples of his confusion and conflict.

•  How did you think the romance between Trudy and Tips would evolve? Why do you think it ended as it did?

•  If you could see one scene acted out, which would it be?

•  To those who’ve read Princess Ben: did you know, before beginning Wisdom’s Kiss, who Nonna Ben was? if not, when did you realize? Why do you think this was kept a surprise?

• To those who haven’t read Princess Ben: do you have any interest in now meeting Ben as a fifteen-year-old? How might Wisdom’s Kiss affect your appreciation of (or even interest in) Princess Ben?

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