AHHHHHHHHH!!!! I AM GOING INSANE OVER YOUR BOOKS!!! In a good way, that is. I'm a HUGE fan. Dairy Queen  was absolutely amazing. I'm only 12 years old, but I read a lot of books (54 since August). Yours, by far, was the one I was most obsessed with. I just finished Off Season and I went to your website so I could make sure you were writing another one. Honestly, Brian is one of my favorite characters and I totally want him to punch his friends in the face and announce that he's completely in love with D.J in front of all of them, but that's me. Anyway, thanks for the books. You rock!

- Meg

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Questions on Heaven is Paved with Oreos

• What do you think of Sarah and Curtiss's Brilliant Outflanking Strategy?

• Why does Curtis break up with Sarah? Why does she break up with him?

• Sarah has extremely strong views on Emily Friend. How would you describe Emily?

• How does Sarah's opinion of Z evolve over the course of the story? How does your opinion of Z change?

• How does Sarah's opinion of Emily change? How does this affect her relationship with Curtis?

• Sarah is remarkably good at science, especially biology, and yet she is often inept when it comes to emotions and people. What are some examples of this?

•Why would Z have a drawing of St. Peter’s Square hanging in her bedroom instead of, say, the Spanish Steps?

• Z has some pretty impressive secrets. What do you think of them? What about Sarah’s response?

  1. Would you go to Rome on a trip like this? Why or why not?

  1. *For those readers familiar with the Dairy Queen trilogy: Does Heaven is Paved with Oreos affect your view of D.J.? Do The Off Season and Front and Center affect your view of Sarah? Are there any lessons to be taken from this?

  1. The cover: talk to me.

• What do you think will happen with Sarah and Curtis in the next few months? In the next few years?