A fourth Dairy Queen book?

(Have a favorite book to recommend to DQ fans? Please let me know! I’ll post it on my site!)

I’ve heard from hundreds of readers such as Kera (hi, Kera!) asking for another sequel to the Dairy Queen book. I’m sorry, but there isn’t going to be another book about D.J. Schwenk . . .

At least not with D.J. as the main character. But that doesn’t mean that we’re done with D.J. My latest book, Heaven is Paved with Oreos, is narrated by Sarah Zorn, D.J.’s brother Curtis’s girlfriend. She doesn’t have a big part in The Off Season and Front and Center, but now she has a chance to shine. And she has so much to say! To figure out! To explore! And guess who helps her the most . . .

I love this book. I hope you do, too.

Here’s a lot more on Heaven is Paved with Oreos >>

This is the 1st book series that I have actually enjoyed reading they are really, really, really good books and I wish there would be more. So please just think about writing a 4th one I would love that so, so much.


- Kera

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